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Steel Gates & Posts

Steel gate frames, steel posts, and steel post brackets have been signature items for Campbell Fencing for the last 40 years.

Steel Gate Frames

Our steel gate frames are probably the best investment you can make in your fence. They are the solution to the age-old problem of sagging and racking gates. The galvanized frame is made out of welded steel which is much more rigid (and lighter weight) than any wood-frame gate could ever be, and ensures that your gate will operate properly for many years.

Steel Post Brackets

These brackets allow you to have the beauty of wood posts while eliminating the issue of post rot, since no wood goes into the ground. This product is best suited for top-cap, picture frame, or other fence styles that require a 4×4 post.

Steel Posts

Our steel posts work on the same principal as our steel brackets do: No wood goes into the ground, therefore there are no concerns about post-rot. These posts are best suited for fence styles where a 4×4 isn’t nessesary for appearance (these posts are usually used for “solid/privacy”, or “good neighbor” fences).They are the same thickness as the 2×4 rails that attach to them, and offer a more streamlined look as the fenceboards nail across the face of the post.